About Us

Welcome to Great Plains Compounding Center, your home for healthcare solutions. In 1990, we began serving the specialized needs of hospice patients in the Kansas City area. Compounding is important to hospice patients because their medical needs continue even as their physical capabilities decrease. For example, as a hospice patient loses the ability to swallow, medications the patient used to take orally must be administered with an alternative delivery system.

Besides hospices, we have also expanded our expertise to serve many long-term care facilities in the area. We thank all of you for making us Your Home for Healthcare Solutions.

If you’re new to us, please click the link to the left marked “Become a Partner.” It will take you through a few fast steps to begin working with us. Or, if you prefer, we’d welcome your phone call to (913) 234-4664.

Licensed by Kansas State
Board of Pharmacy
Licensed by Missouri State Board of Pharmacy
Member of American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
Member of International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists
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